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NEW!  Released 02/27/2024

Women Veterans: The Journey To Mental Wellness

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The Women Veterans Committee is made of volunteers from Chapters across Virginia who are appointed by the Department Commander for a 1-year term.

  Women are the fastest-growing subpopulation of the military and veteran communities, representing more than 15 percent of active-duty military and 10 percent of veterans. Yet despite recent progress, some women veterans continue to face significant barriers accessing health care and other earned benefits, and do not receive proper recognition for their service to the nation.

  The Committee manages the Women Veterans Program by empowering women veterans and bringing them recognition of their experiences and sacrifices while serving our nation in uniform. Through awareness and legislative initiatives, the Committee strives to close gaps in state and federal programs for women veterans.

  They also work to improve health care for women at Veterans Administration Medical Centers (VAMC) throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia by meeting with VAMC officials to ensure that female veterans receive the unique medical benefits they have rightfully earned, and to help the women veteran understand their benefits.  Specialty medical services for women include primary care reproductive and maternity health care, counseling and treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) Military Sexual Trauma (MST), substance abuse, domestic violence, preventative screening for breast cancer, cervical cancer and osteoporosis, etc.

  When the Homeless Veterans Committee is working with a female veteran, the Women Veterans Committee works alongside them to assist with vocational rehabilitation programs for both the veteran and her dependents.

  A key National DAV legislative priority continues to be women veterans, and DAV works hard to submit resolutions to support women veterans.  This committee, and all women veterans, are counting on Congress to keep its promise by passing much needed legislation in support of improving health care to meet their unique needs.

  The Women Veterans Committee also conducts a Life Skills program at the Virginia Department of Corrections Women’s prison in Fluvanna, VA.  This program assists incarcerated female veterans to regain their self-esteem, be proud of their military service and assists them with reintegration back into society, their families and their communities.

Women Veterans Committee Fall 2023 presentation, click here

Link to the DAV National Women Veterans resource site, click here

Women Veterans:

The Journey To Mental Wellness Quick Glance PDF, click here

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Women Veterans Committee Chair:  M. Tyrelle Felder (Chapter 33)

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