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Resolutions and the Resolutions Process

Everything we do fighting for your benefits on Capitol Hill starts right here .... with the resolutions process.  If you have ever thought "There ought to be a law" then this is where that process begins.  

Chapters write and approve resolutions, send them to the Department Convention, and once they are approved, they are sent to the National Convention. Once approved there,  they become part of our National Legislative agenda.   It all starts with you at your local Chapter !


To learn more, we have several resources available on this page for you. 


Get involved!     Take Action!     Write a resolution today! 

DAV National Legislative  Webinars,click here

A variety of webinars on the legislative process


Resolutions Seminar, DAV Virginia,click here

From our Legislative team, the "How To" guide to writing and submitting resolutions

Federal Level Resolutions adopted at the 91st Dept. Convention, June 2023, click here

Commonwealth of Virginia Level Resolutions at the 91st Department Convention, June 2023, click here

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