The family and extended family members of any person (or any deceased person) eligible for membership in the Disabled American Veterans, are eligible for membership in the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary. 

The family and extended family of Auxiliary members who are not otherwise eligible for membership are eligible for membership in the Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary. 


Life Membership

Members can become members for life should they wish to do so. 

The amount for any life membership is determined by age category as follows:  

   18 to 79       $250.00

   80 or older   Complimentary 


Payments for a life membership may be paid in two ways.  The entire amount may be paid upon application.  If it is not possible to pay the entire amount when sending in an application, then it can be paid in installments. 

To pay a life membership in installments the applicant needs to make a down payment of twenty ($20.00) dollars.  Once processed, quarterly statements will be sent to the member until the full amount is paid. 


Junior Membership

Children age 17 and under can join the DAVA at an annual cost of $3. This membership is also offered on a fiscal year basis, July 1 through June 30.



How Does Your DAVA Membership Benefit You?

DAVA members are entitled to a Member Benefits Package, which gives access to a variety of important programs, products, and services.


Also included with Auxiliary membership is a FREE subscription to DAV Magazine(only one issue is sent per household).


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