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Department Committees


  The Emergency Relief Committee is made up of members from Chapters throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia who are appointed by the Department Commander to a 1-year term. 

  The Committee is responsible for oversight of the Emergency Relief Program. The Emergency Relief Program was established to assist disabled veterans, spouses, survivors, and/or dependents having a legitimate need for a one-time monetary grant to assist in an emergency situation.

  The Committee provides this needed assistance to qualified veterans after reviewing and approving grant requests to determine if the request for emergency assistance is in accordance with guidance and criteria established by the Department Service Commission (DSC). The Committee and local Chapters also work with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to address the needs of veterans and families.

  The Committee typically receives referrals from Chapter Service Officers (CSO) and Department Service Officers (DSO), or from Chapter leaders.


Emergency Relief/Homeless Grant Application, click here 

Emergency Relief Committee Chair:  Kassandra Benson (Chapter 6)

                                                                      to email the chair, click here 

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