Department Administration Forms

Chapter Assistance Program (CAP), click here

Chapter Commander's Report Form: 01 Jan - 01 June 2021, click here

Chapter Supplemental Information Form, click here

DAV Officer Report Form (digital only as of 2021) , click here

Department Constitution & ByLaws (2018), click here

Department Directory, Chapter Information Form, click here

DEC / ADEC Designation Form, click here

​Department Expense Voucher, click here

Department Emergency Relief/Homeless Grant Form, click here

Fundraising Request/Notification Form, click here 

Sample Chapter Constitution & Bylaws from Judge Advocate, click here

Thrift Store Representative Designation Form, click here

Department Commander Memos

22 July 2020 Service & Fundraising during Pandemic, click here

31 March 2021 COVID-19 memo, click here

Department Awards

Department Awards Manual, click here

Golden Corral / Camp Corral

Golden Corral Sign-In Sheet, click here

Golden Corral After Action Report (AAR), click here

Camp Corral/JBK Fundraising Guide, click here

Camp Corral Donation Form for Chapters, click here

LVAP Reporting Forms

DAV Chapter form, click here

DAV/DAVA Individual Monthly Log, click here

DAVA Form, click here

National DAV Forms and Publications

National Headquarters address & publication memo, click here

VA Form 21-22, click here

VA Forms for AMA, etc (Feb 2019)

     VBA-20-0995, click here

     VBA-20-0996, click here

     VBA-20-0998, click here

     VA 10182, click here

Annual report (2018), click here

Chapter Officer Guide, click here

Constitution & Bylaws 2019 (National), click here

National DAV membership supplies order form, click here

New Member Orientation Guide, click here

New Member Orientation Mentor's Guide, click here

Volunteer Drivers Recruiting Ideas, click here

Customizable DAV Appreciation Certificate, click here

Election Year Do's and Don'ts, click here

National DAV HQ Fundraising memo (Nov 2019)

National Adjutants "Acceptable Use of DAV Funds" memo, click here

National Awards  (info/forms will be posted when awards bulletin is released)

Nominations are due at the end of February - awarded at National Convention

DAV/DAVA George H. Seal Award, click here

DVOP/LVER Nomination Form, click here 

Employer of the Year Nomination Form

Jesse Brown Memorial Youth Scholarship, click here 

Outstanding Disabled Veteran of the Year Nomination Form

Veterans Administration Service Awards Nomination Form

Resolution Submission to the National Convention

Guidance from National Adjutant, click here