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Department Adjutant/CEO & Treasurer

Robert D. Cox, PDC   

Department Adjutant/CEO & Treasurer

The Department Adjutant/CEO is responsible for the day-to-day administrative functions of the Department of Virginia.  His duties include insuring compliance with laws and regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Federal Government; maintaining the Department office, security of all property records, files of the Department, and the Seal, Charter and flags of the Department. He also reviews contracts, agreements, leases and other legal documents prior to forwarding to the Department Commander for execution. He monitors committees, instrumentalities and Chapters to ensure compliance with Department and National Bylaws; and is responsible for the planning and execution of Department Conferences and Conventions.

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The Department Treasurer is appointed by the Department Commander and is responsible for all of the funds collected by and dispersed by the Department of Virginia. His duties include keeping complete financial records of all monies received, expended and remitted; submission of itemized reports at each Department Executive Committee meeting and the Convention; ensuring an annual audit is conducted and the report of the audit submitted to the National Organization and to each Chapter in Virginia; ensures all checks written are signed by both the Department Treasurer and Commander; ensures all demands for payment are on a Department issued voucher, and have been reviewed by the Finance Adjutant; prepares the IRS 990 form and any other tax forms required by the IRS and tax forms required by the Commonwealth of Virginia; and serves as an ex-officio member of the Department Finance Committee.


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