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BREAKING NEWS 03 Jun 24:  Gov. Youngkin calls for repeal of new limits on college tuition program for military families 
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  The Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS) Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations (JLC) provides a vehicle for veterans service organizations to collaborate with the Department of Veterans Services on meeting the needs of Virginia’s veterans.


  The Joint Leadership Council is open to one representative from each qualifying veterans service organization in Virginia that chooses to participate. The members of each organization are appointed by the Governor of Virginia.


DAV Department of Virginia is a member in good standing of the JLC.


To find out more information on the JLC, click here:  JLC

JLC Policy Initiatives 2023, click here

This shows the status of the 2023 initatives as of 01/13/2023


The Department of Virginia DAV Representative to the JLC is Denice Williams, PDC, who is also the Chair of the JLC for 2023.  

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               Vehicle Registration Plate for Service-Connected Veterans

Effective July 1, 2015, service-connected veterans in Virginia are eligible for disabled veteran  plates.  Disabled veterans who have suffered a service-related disability are eligible for one free registration (emissions fee must be paid, if applicable) and the plate fee is waived.  This plate is NOT a disabled plate or placard.  However, those are currently available to veterans as well.

The application for the disabled veteran plate was released on July 1, 2015.  It is the updated form VSA 54.  To access the form, Click Here! 


 It is required that the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office (VARO) must verify and certify the veteran has service-connected disabilities.  Once the top portion of the form is completed, please mail this form to the Roanoke VARO or even the DAV NSO Office.  Once the VA has completed their portion, they will mail the form VSA 54 back to the veteran.  


 If a veteran is seeking a disabled placard or disabled registration plates, then the lower portion of the VSA 54 must be completed by a physician. 

 The VA will mail the form back to the address they currently have of record.  Please ensure that the VARO has the updated or correct address of the veteran prior to submitting the form to the VARO.  

 Once the VSA 54 is received back from the VARO, it should be taken to the DMV along with a new registration form, VSA 14.  To access VSA 14, Click Here!  Remember, a new completed registration form, VSA 14, must be submitted with the VSA 54.  

 If you have any questions concerning the VSA 54 form and process at the VARO, contact the Roanoke DAV NSO Office at 540-597-1731.  The mailing address is:


Disabled American Veterans
VA Regional Office Federal Bldg
210 Franklin Road, SW Rm 808
Roanoke, VA 24011-2209


 To mail the VSA 54 to the VARO directly, please send to the address below:


VA Regional Office

210 Franklin Rd, SW
Roanoke, VA 24011 

 If you have any questions regarding the registration forms or the process at the DMV, please contact the DMV and not the VARO or the DAV NSO Office.  To visit the DMV website, Click Here! 



 Election Year Do's and Dont's for DAV/DAVA Members: click here

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