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Department Committees

BENEFITS PROTECTION TEAM                              DeptofVaLegislativeChair

              Election Year Do's and Don'ts for DAV/DAVA Members: click here

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  The Legislative Committee / Benefits Protection Team (BPT) is made of members from Chapters across Virginia who are appointed by the Department Commander for a 1 year term.


  The  Committee is responsible for reviewing all resolutions and mandates for legislation affecting disabled veterans in Virginia that are submitted by Chapters throughout the Commonwealth.  The Committee prepares legislative proposals that will be beneficial to disabled veterans and their families to be presented to the Commonwealth of Virginia General Assembly and the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.


  The Committee also reviews all legislative proposals and resolutions that may affect legislation on a national level and submits them for approval at the annual Department Convention; and if approved; they are brought before the National Legislative Committee at the DAV National Convention each year.


  Raising awareness of legislative issues that affect disabled veterans, families and survivors via a robust social media campaign, seminars and outreach activities are also part of the responsibilities of the Committee. 

DAV Legislative Program 2024

 This link takes you to resolutions passed at the annual National Convention held in Atlantic City, NJ in August 2023, click here

DAV Critical Policy Goals 2024

  This link takes you to the list of critical legislative goals for DAV, click here

DAV National Commander's Testimony on Capitol Hill -  2024

National Commander Nancy Espinosa presented DAVs 2024 Legislative Program on Thursday 07 March 2024 

The congressional testimony officially kicked off the DAV 2024 Mid-Winter Conference. The annual advocacy meeting draws hundreds of DAV members and leaders to Washington to meet with some of the few people running the country—senators and representatives—and push them to follow through on DAV’s critical policy goals.

  • Correct inequities for veterans receiving compensation benefits and provide parity in benefits for survivors.

  • Ensure the faithful implementation of the PACT Act and address gaps in toxic-exposure benefits.

  • Establish equity in VA care, services and benefits for women, LGBTQ+ and minority veterans.

  • Provide a full spectrum of long-term care options for service-disabled and aging veterans.

  • Bolster mental health resources to ensure reduction of veteran suicides.

  • Expand the VA’s capacity to deliver timely, high-quality care to veterans.


To view a recording of the hearing, including questions and answers,  click here.


DAV Benefits Protection Team 

  In 2016, DAV developed a new Benefits Protection Team program - our legislative efforts are focused on protecting your earned benefits! To visit the National DAV 

Benefits Protection Team site, click here

For the Benefits Protection Team Toolkit, click here

DAV Commander's Action Network ( DAV CAN)

  Our nation’s service men and women put everything on the line in defense of America’s freedom. Our public and political leaders need to be kept informed of the challenges they face returning to normal life. DAV’s legislative grassroots campaign makes sure they know what they need to do.

 DAV’s multi-aspect legislative campaign provides this education and support in the capitol and across the country. Take some time and learn how DAV is working with lawmakers on your behalf. To learn more, go to the DAV Action Center, click here


Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations (JLC)

   The Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations provides a vehicle for veterans service organizations to collaborate with the Department of Veterans Services on meeting the needs of Virginia’s veterans. The Joint Leadership Council is open to one representative from each qualifying veterans service organization in Virginia.  DAV Virginia’s representative on the JLC is Denice Williams, PDC. To learn more about the JLC, click here

Resolution Submittal to the National Convention

  All resolutions submitted by Departments must be received by the National Legislative staff at a date determined by the National Legislative Director prior to the National Convention each year.  Chapters must submit resolutions to the Department office in May so they may be voted on by the DEC at the Department Convention. 

For official guidance, click here

Duties/Responsibilities of the Benefits Protection Team Leader 

  For the Chapter BPTL, this webinar introduces you to your responsibilities.

to your Chapter and fellow veteransclick here


                                     JLC Representative: 

                                Denice Williams, PDC (Chapter 22)

                               to email Ms. Williams, click here


                          Benefits Protection Team Leader:

                                Shamala Capizzi (Chapter 10)

                               to email Ms. Capizzi, click here

                         Legislative Committee Chair:

                             Shamala Capizzi (Chapter 10)

                             to email Ms. Capizzi, click here


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