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Department Committees


  The Incarcerated Veterans Assistance Committee (IVAC) is made up of members from Chapters throughout Virginia who are appointed by the Department Commander to a 1-year term and is responsible for oversight of the Incarcerated Veterans Assistance Program (IVAP).


  The IVAP is an outreach and resource program. As an outreach program, we visit veterans in the city/county/regional jails, state/federal correctional facilities, and state rehabilitation centers.  Functioning as a resource, we provide these veterans or their family in filing for entitlements/benefits they may be entitled to receive.  We can also provide information dealing with education, employment, emergency financial issues, housing and other issues of interest.

  For veterans in Virginia, there are several specialty court programs, not run by this committee, which veterans may appear before, including Veterans Treatment Docket/Court, Drug Treatment Court Dockets, and Behavioral/Mental Health Dockets.

 For more general information about how these courts/dockets work, click here

2022 IVAC Committee Overview seminar, click here

Incarcerated Veterans Assistance Committee Chair: 

                                                       Jeff Ogilvie (Chapter 7)

                                                    to email the Chair, click here

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