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Department Committees

  The Membership Committee is comprised of volunteers from Chapters across Virginia who are appointed by the Department Commander for a one year term.

  The Committee is responsible for the oversight of recruiting and retention of members throughout the Department, with a goal for all Chapters and the Department to meet its Life Membership recruiting goal each Recruiting Year (1 July - 30 June). The Committee works closely with Chapter membership committees to develop recruiting plans and goals, and to inform potential members of the benefits of DAV membership.

  Interested in joining a Chapter in Virginia?

  Not sure if you are eligible to become a member?

If you:

  • served in the armed forces during a period of war or under conditions simulating war, and

  • were wounded, disabled to any degree, or left with long-term illness as a result of military service, and

  • were discharged or retired from military service under honorable conditions.

  • Then you are eligible to become a member of DAV! 


 Click the link to the National DAV membership site below and enter your zip code.

2017 DAV Membership Seminar, click here

Membership Committee Chair:  2JVC Dwayne Ramey

                                                        to email the Committee, click here

Dept. Fall Conf 2022 Membership briefing, click here

To visit the DAV National Membership page, click here

To find a DAV Chapter near you, click here

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